Classroom Upgrade Project

Technology Implementation

Selected classrooms are being upgraded with one of two types of technology packages. In recent years, ITS has updated several classrooms with new technology packages; these rooms will be upgraded to become Zoom Room classrooms. The Zoom Room classrooms provide the means to deliver content to in-person and remote students. The also feature multiple microphones and cameras, which make possible audio and video interaction for class discussions between in-person and remote students. Eighteen classrooms will receive this Zoom Room package. (Eleven classrooms already have this package.)

Classrooms that have not previously received a technology upgrade will receive a more economical technology package that will allow faculty to utilize the Zoom application for content delivery but will not have additional cameras or microphones that allow for interaction between in-person and remote students. These classrooms will support traditional teaching practices, and students joining the class via Zoom will see, hear, and interact with the professor but not with other students directly. Sixty-eight rooms will receive these upgrades.

The remaining rooms not listed here will receive smaller, conference room-style web cameras to support content delivery.


Rooms were chosen for upgrade based on a combination of Space Usage Efficiency (SUE) score, departmental request, and room capacity adjusted for social distancing. An initial list of rooms based on SUE score was generated, and college and departmental administrators were offered the opportunity to provide feedback. After receiving recommendations from administrators, the list was adjusted. Rooms on the revised list were again evaluated on SUE score, college/departmental recommendations, and room capacity, and the list was finalized.



Zoom Room Classrooms

Zoom Application Classrooms