Download and Install UC700

NOTE: To complete the process below, you need to first be connected to the VPN. Please click here for more information on connecting to the VPN.

Install the NEC UC700 Client

1. Using your browser of choice, navigate to

2. Select the INSTALL UC700 NOW link.

3. Select Run if necessary.

4. Select your language and then click OK.

5. Click Next when prompted.

6. Leave the following settings at default and select Next.

7. Select Install when promted.

8. When the installation is complete, keep the deafult setting and select Finish.

9, You will now have a new UC700 shortcut icon on your desktop. 

10. Launch UC700 if it does not automatically. Ensure that all the check boxed are checked, and use for the server.


NOTE: If you are installing this on a personally-owned device you will need to contact the SFA ITS Telephone staff at or Ext.6287 for additional login instructions. 

Install the UC700 softphone

1. Click on the green down arrow in the top right to download the softphone. 

2. Accept the terms.

3. Click Ok.

4. Upon completion check the Automatically enable the smartphone when UC700 starts checkbox, and the click OK.

5. Open the system tray, right click on the smartphone icon, and select User Configurations option.

6. Select Login under User Info, and use the login and password supplied by the SFA ITS Telephone staff. This will not be your existing extention unless you are currently using an IP phone.

7. Next, select IP Telephony Server under the Maintenace and Netork Setting. You will enter the IP address that is given to you by SFA ITS Telephone Staff.

8. To enable the softphone, click on the down arrow next to the handset icon, and select Enable Softphone.


Need assistance with the above instructions? Contact the ITS Telephone Staff at 936.468.6287 or send an email to



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