How do I view the approval status of an Expense Report I approved?

As a Concur Approver, the default view shows the Expense Reports pending your approval.

You can change the View to display the Expense Reports that you have approved in the past and then view the Approval Flow of a selected Expense Report.


Viewing the approval status on a previously approved expense report:
  1. Login to Concur
  2. Click the Approvals tab
  3. Click the Reports tab (near the top)
    • The default view is Reports Pending Your Approval
  4. Click the View drop down
  5. Select the desired view of Reports you Approved
    • Views include various approval time frames (this month, last month, last year, all reports you approved, etc.)
  6. Results for the selected view will be displayed
  7. Select the desired Expense Report row to open
  8. Click the Details menu
  9. Select Approval Flow
  10. This will display the approval workflow and status in a new window 


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