How is meal per diem calculated?

SFA follows the GSA (General Services Administration) rates based on your destination.

Concur will automatically calculate per diem for meals based on the itinerary you enter/select. You are responsible for making sure that your expense report accurately reflects the correct per diem. 

You must adjust and change your expense report if either/both of the following are applicable for a meal:

  • A meal was provided
    • Examples: a meal was provided at a conference, you attended a group meal as part of the trip, your hotel provided a complimentary meal (continental breakfast), etc.
  • Travel occurred outside of the specified meal time frame
    • Travelers automatically receive per diem at a rate of 75% for first and last day of travel.
      • For GSA allowances, the 75% rule does not apply to each individual/provided meal, but applies to the overall allowance for the day.
      • For example: It is calculated by taking the adjusted daily rate minus full breakfast and full dinner amounts.
$44.25 Adjusted Daily Rate
-      $13 (minus) Full Breakfast Amount
-      $26 (minus) Full Dinner Amount
=   $5.25 TOTAL Remaining Amount for Lunch per diem


Specified Meal Time Frames
  • Breakfast: 6:00AM - 8:00AM
  • Lunch: 11:30AM - 1:30PM
  • Dinner: 6:00PM - 8:00PM

You must be away from your designated work site on official business for the duration of a specified meal time frame to be eligible for per diem for that meal.

  • Examples:
    • If your departure time is 9:00AM and your arrival time is 11:00AM, you are not be eligible for per diem for any meal.
    • If your departure time is 6:00AM an your arrival time is 9:00AM, you are eligible for per diem for Breakfast.


Indicating Per Diem in Concur

If you are eligible for per diem for one or more meals during your trip, you will need to adjust your expense report to indicate which meals were provided, or are eligible for per diem.

  1. Navigate to Expense to view your active expense reports
  2. Click on the report you want to edit to open it
  3. Click on the Daily Meal Allowance expense for the date you want to edit
  4. Click "Show Fixed Allowances for..." to edit provided meals
  5. On the Expenses & Adjustments screen, click the check boxes to change per diem meals you are submitting for reimbursement
    • Click the check box to exclude meals that were provided
    • Click the check box to exclude meals that occurred outside of the specified meal time frames
  6. Click Update Expenses to see your changes reflected on your report


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