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How to Use the Phish Alert Button (PAB) in Microsoft Outlook

The Phish Alert Button (PAB) is an outlook plugin that allows you to report potentially malicious emails, such as phishing emails. When you use the PAB to report a potentially malicious email, you can help keep the universtiy safe from cyberattacks.

When Should I Use the PAB?

You should use the PAB to report any suspicious emails or potential phishing emails. When you use the PAB to report an email, the email will be automatically deleted from your inbox and forwarded to the IT security team.

How Do I Use the PAB?

SFA has installed the PAB for Microsoft Outlook and you should see the PAB in your inbox. The PAB will appear as a tab that you can click when you open an email.

PAB Phish Alert Tab

The PAB appears as a Phish Alert tab in an opened email, follow the steps below to report the email:

  1. Open the email that you would like to report.
  2. In the opened email, click the Phish Alert tab.
  3. In the prompt that opens, click the Phish Alert button to report the email.

Why Should I Use the PAB?

When you use the PAB to report suspicious emails, you can help keep the university safe from security threats. The reported emails are sent to the IT Security Team for analysis, which will help the university stay informed about potential phishing emails that our users receive. Once the IT security team is aware of potential threats, we can help the universtiy stay safe from future attacks by removing the malicious emails from other users mailboxes as needed or create a phishing alert email to inform other users of potential threats. 


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