Step 3a: Proposal Review

While there are some differences between the internal and external proposals in Cayuse, the below review list can be used for either project.

Review the linked article here for additional information specific to internal grant review items.

  1. Proposal Information
    1. Gives an overview of the project – project title, department and person who will manage the award, collaborative units, start and end dates
    2. Institutional considerations – alterations to space or new construction, commitment to maintain equipment or activities after project ends, hiring of new personnel, creation of new certificate/degree program.
    3. Review the Institutional Considerations carefully as any “yes” responses require attachments and some items require specific approvals.
  2. Personnel – key personnel
    1. Lists name of principal investigator/project director and any co-investigators/co-project directors
    2. Work load reduction – if faculty request a course release or time off of other duties.
    3. Review
      1. Do you approve the personnel listed to work on the project (who are within your unit)?
      2. Do you approve the work load reduction / course release?
  3. Sponsor Information (external only – internal proposals are always “SFA Internal”)
    1. Basic information - name of sponsor, deadline, link to funding announcement
      1. External proposal - the funding announcement will give you more detail about sponsor expectations, proposal guidelines, etc.
      2. Internal proposal – the funding agency listed informs you of which sponsor the future application will be submitted to.
    2. Informational purposes only
  4. Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Process
    1. The principal investigator/project director has overview questions to answer.
    2. Each individual key team member will complete a separate Conflicts of Interest Form and submit to ORGS. These forms will not be included in Cayuse.
    3. Review and alert ORGS if you know of any potential conflict of interest (financial or nepotism related) involving the key personnel on the project.
  5. Research Subjects
    1. The IRB/ IACUC committee chair will receive a notification to review if fields are checked.
    2. Review to ensure the appropriate boxes are checked based on your knowledge of the project.
  6. Research Materials
    1. The IBC committee chair and the Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management will receive a notification to review if fields are checked.
    2. Review to ensure the appropriate boxes are checked based on your knowledge of the project.
  7. Budget
    1. Shows overall budget details. A more detailed budget should be available under Attachments.
    2. Cost share/Match. A separate cost share detail form is required and will be included under Attachments.
    3. Facilities & Administrative Costs – if the project personnel request anything less than the full rate allowed by the sponsor, a separate waiver form is required. This waiver form is reviewed by the VPFA and the President.
    4. Review to ensure you are aware of the implications for award management expectations and cost sharing:
      1. You will allow the faculty/staff involved in the project the time and other resources to successfully manage the project.
      2. The administrative assistant in your unit will be responsible for numerous duties pertaining to the grant such as entering EPAFs, entering requisitions, ensuring Pcard purchases are detailed to the grant, etc.
      3. Your approval of a budget that contains cost share/match means you commit to provide the funds and/or resources as detailed in the proposal.
  8. Subawards & subrecipients (external only)
    1. Information on subawards indicate project partners. If project is awarded, SFA would contract with the subaward entities. Participants and contractors are not individually listed. Overall amounts are included in the budget.
    2. Informational purposes only.
  9. Export Control
    1. The appropriate SFA unit will receive a notification to review if fields are checked.
    2. Review to ensure the appropriate boxes are checked based on your knowledge of the project.
  10. Application Abstract
    1. Not required. If uploaded, ORGS would use abstract for promotion of project or for reporting purposes.
    2. Informational purposes only.
  11. Attachments & Submission Notes
    1. Attachments as required by sponsor and/or ORGS.
    2. Review these documents as they provide specific details of the project. The items to carefully review include:
      1. Scope of Work, Narrative, or Research Plan
      2. Budget and justification
      3. Timeline
      4. Equipment, Facilities & Other Resources (may be a separate document or may be included in the narrative). These items are those resources that SFA is committed to providing without any sponsor renumeration.


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