How to Resolve Credits, Refunds & Fraud Charges in Concur



All T-Card charges must be resolved within Concur once loaded into the system. If there is a problem with the transaction (examples: wrong amount, charged twice), please try to resolve with the vendor first. If you suspect fraud on your Travel Card, please be sure to contact Citi as soon as possible at their Fraud Line: 1-800-945-3114. All other Citi inquiries can be directed to their Customer Service Line: 1-800-248-4553.

The Travel Office should also be notified of any lost or stolen cards as well as any fraud or suspected fraud to ensure the proper actions are taken. Do not hesitate to contact the SFA Travel Office with any questions.


How to Assign Reports

Credits will be loaded into Concur in the same manner other transactions are and can be reviewed in the Manage Expenses section within Concur. Credits are indicated by a negative amount.

All charges that are loaded into this section need to be assigned to a travel report to clear them.

  1. Select the charges (the original charge and the credit)
  2. Click the blue Move drop down button
  3. Click To New Report

Report Preparation

if the transactions are assigned to a report along with other transactions, be sure to make good notes regarding the charge, the credit, and that the header reads normally (as if there were no refunds or credits).

If the transactions are assigned to their own report, be sure the report header reads similar to the following:

  • Report Name: Card Refund/Fraud Charge/Disputed Charge/etc.
  • Report/Trip Start and End Dates: *enter today's date*
  • Trip Purpose, Traveler Type, Trip Type: Should all be what the original trip was or should have been.
    • For example, if it was a group research trip to Reno, NV
      • Trip Purpose: Research
      • Traveler Type: Group
      • Trip Type: Out of State

If the charges are purely fraudulent and not related to any trip:

  • Trip Purpose:Other
  • Travel Type: Faculty/Staff
  • Trip Type: In-State

Once the report is made and the transactions are assigned, be sure to review the expense information and make sure all required fields are complete and appropriate notes are made. Attach any documentation related to the charge such as credit slips or emails regarding credits, refunds, or disputes and correspondence and documentation for the fraudulent charges.



For full refunds and fraudulent charges, both lines need to have the same expense type and FOAP information so that the report total and affected accounts equal $0.00.

For partial refunds and credits as well as reports that include refunds and credits along with other expenses, the same expense report needs to include the original charge as well as the other transactions related to the trip. The report will be titled the same as it would have been without the credit or refund. The credit/refund should be the same expense type as the original charge (the transactions should not be itemized and should not be marked as personal).



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