Phish Alert: Message Titled "SFA Annual Retirement Review"

Good Afternoon, Lumberjacks,

Please be advised that there is another active phishing attempt circulating among SFA Faculty and Staff. These emails are notifying the recipient that it is time for an annual retirement review. These emails do NOT come from TRS or the Human Resources Department. If you receive these emails or emails with different subject lines but similar content, please do not click on any links or attachments, and delete the email. If you have already clicked on the link or opened the attachment, please change your mySFA password immediately. If you need help with this, please call the Help Desk at 936-468-HELP (4357).  

Phishing attempts often come in groups – be on guard for additional suspicious emails, and contact “supposed” senders such as university personnel, your bank or credit card, etc. directly using a known, confirmed method to verify if a questionable email is legitimate. As always, be alert for signs of phishing – an unexpected email attachment from an unusual source, a sense of fear/urgency, asking for account credentials or financial information, using an unfamiliar greeting or sketchy email address, and spelling or grammar errors. 


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Tue 1/10/23 1:12 PM
Tue 1/10/23 1:12 PM