Quicklaunch - Overview

QuickLaunch is the identity management system used for logging in to SFA’s online services. It includes a built-in tool for password management and simplifies this process by allowing you to use your personal phone or email account to reset your password.

After logging in to your account for the first time, your personal email address and phone number can be updated in mySFA. Instructions for doing so can be found by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE that it is possible to change this information in QuickLaunch directly, but that this will NOT change that same information in mySFA. As such, we recommend changing this information in mySFA only so that your information is kept up to date in all places.


Please see the articles linked below for assistance using QuickLaunch:


First Time Users                 Resetting Your Password                Forgot Username


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk for assistance at helpdesk@sfasu.edu, or at (936) 468-4357.

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