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Student Support

Services associated with the students of SFA. Device repair, issues with mySFA, passwords, O365, wireless networks, etc.

mySFA Password

Reset or change your mySFA password.

Information Security

The role of IT Security at Stephen F. Austin State University is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of university data, information, communications, and services.

To promote secure information technology systems, IT Security also educates users; assesses and identifies new architectural requirements; and consults in the areas of security risk, practice, policy, and technology. IT Security also provides the coordination of security incident investigation and response.

SFA works in cooperation with other state agencies and higher education institutions to secure campus information.

Report a security or data access incident. Request assistance for INB 8 passwords; a review of access; special report for auditor data; request a Vulnerability, remediation, or patch validation scan.