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Click here for assistance with your phone, computer, printer, etc.

How to change your mySFA password if you know your current password.

A review of accessibility and security for software and hardware.

Submit a Project Proposal for review by the PMO for the following:
**New Software Over $30k for the Full Term/Life of the Contract
**Custom Build Development by SFA ITS
**Large Upgrade to Existing Software that Requires SFA ITS Support/Services
**Business Process Review for Technology Support Assessments

Additions, edits, or errors involving the Library website, proxy, databases, or catalog.

Report a security or data access related incident such as theft, compromised account, virus, phishing, scams, etc.

Problems with joining guest wireless access.

Request help if you are having a mySFA issue. This can be an error logging in or an error with content or a tab not displaying once you get logged in.

How to reset your mySFA password on campus.

Request a duo hardware token for two-factor authentication.

Request help with an email issue.

Tell us about your axe handle!

Request a change to your mySFA username. Note that your legal name must first be changed in our ERP system (Banner)

Request an SSL certificate for a public facing webserver or camera.

Request a vulnerability scan of a specified network or device.

Request an exception to current Information Security Policy.