Project Proposal

Submit a Project Proposal for review by the PMO for the following:
  • New Software Over $30k for the Full Term/Life of the Contract
  • Custom Build Development by SFA ITS
  • Large Upgrade to Existing Software that Requires SFA ITS Support/Services
  • Business Process Review for Technology Support Assessments


What is a Project?

Projects must contain defined goals that are measurable. The goals should provide an understanding of how the project will solve the stated business problem. These goals should consist of the following characteristics:

  • Specific: Clear, unambiguous, and easy to understand by those who are required to achieve them
  • Measurable: Setting a target for which success can be gauged by referring to a specific measure or measures
  • Achievable: Expressing specific aims that staff feels can realistically be achieved with some effort
  • Relevant: Applicable to those who will be required to meet them
  • Time-Oriented: Set time line for achieving the project
Submit Project Proposal


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