Reset Your mySFA Password While On Campus

If you are on campus, you can reset your mySFA password at any SFA computer using the following instructions:

  1. Log into the computer using your mySFA username and password
  2. When the computer is finished starting up, press the CTRL, ALT and DEL buttons simultaneously.
  3. Click the “Change a Password” option.
  4. Enter your old and new passwords in the appropriate blanks.

Passwords are required to contain at least 12 alphanumeric characters and cannot be a form of a previous password or be a form of your name or username.  Passphrases are easier to remember than passwords so try to think of a phrase with a number in it just as “IHave3Brothers” or “My3ChildrenAreSmart”, etc.

This new password will need to be used wherever you log into an SFA system, mySFA, email, D2L, etc. Be sure to use your new password in those and other systems.

If you have questions or concerns at any point during this process, please contact the Help Desk. Contact info can be found on the home page at

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