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A review of accessibility and security for software and hardware.

How to change your mySFA password if you know your current password.

Report a security or data access related incident such as theft, compromised account, virus, phishing, scams, etc.

Request help if you are having a mySFA issue. This can be an error logging in or an error with content or a tab not displaying once you get logged in.

Problems with joining guest wireless access.

Submit a Project Proposal for review by the PMO for the following:
**New Software Over $30k for the Full Term/Life of the Contract
**Custom Build Development by SFA ITS
**Large Upgrade to Existing Software that Requires SFA ITS Support/Services
**Business Process Review for Technology Support Assessments

Additions, edits, or errors involving the Library website, proxy, databases, or catalog.

How to reset your mySFA password on campus.

Click here for assistance with your phone, computer, printer, etc.

Request a duo hardware token for two-factor authentication.

Request help with an email issue.

Request an exception to current Information Security Policy.

Request a change to your mySFA username. Note that your legal name must first be changed in our ERP system (Banner)

Request an SSL certificate for a public facing webserver or camera.

Tell us about your axe handle!

Request a vulnerability scan of a specified network or device.