04/28/2020 - Updated feature: Microsoft Forms collaboration permissions and co-authors

With this update, Microsoft Forms co-authors who try to modify collaboration permissions settings for a form will be blocked from making changes. In addition, a form owner will now be able to collaborate with specific users or security groups.

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[When will this happen]

  • We'll be gradually rolling this out the end of May 2020.
  • The roll-out will be completed by early June 2020.

[How does this affect me?]

A Microsoft Forms co-author is created when the owner chooses to share a form to collaborate using Share > Share to Collaborate.

(1) Co-authors can currently modify the permissions level of collaboration, such as changing it from "Only users in my organization" to "Users with an office 365 account". With this change, co-authors will not be able to modify collaboration permissions; that option will be greyed out.

This change applies to existing forms as well as new forms. Both existing co-authors as well as any newly created co-authors will be unable to modify this setting.

(2) Form owners will see a new collaboration option when navigating to Share > Share to Collaborate.

When a form owner selects Specific people in my organization can view and edit, the owner can then specify one or more co-authors (individuals or user groups) by using those email addresses.

The specified co-authors can then help design the form as well as view/analyze response data. This allows a form owner to manage the collaboration more precisely than using the current collaboration options which are organization-wide. Because of its more restrictive permissions , this setting is optimal for forms with more sensitive content.

[What do I need to do to prepare for this change?]

  • The change in co-author permissions will roll out by default.
  • The new option is accessible to owners when the feature is available in your tenant but is not active until an owner selects it.

You might consider updating your user documentation and training materials.


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