05/06/2020 - csTeamsMeetingPolicy update to manage access to past meetings

We're making some changes to settings within csTeamsMeetingPolicy.

Starting mid-June 2020, we're changing the behavior of meeting policies which allows users to create and schedule meetings:

  1. AllowChannelMeetingScheduling
  2. AllowMeetNow
  3. AllowPrivateMeetNow
  4. AllowPrivateMeetingScheduling

[How does this affect me?]

This change will impact all the users who are assigned any of the above policies with the value set to "False".

After this change, the past meetings created/organized by the users impacted will be expired. That means, no one will be able to join the meetings.

The impacted users can continue to join meetings created/organized by other users. Access to Meeting chat and other artifacts will continue to be unaffected.

[What do I need to do to prepare for this change?]

If you have users who have been assigned any of these settings with value "False" you may consider notifying those users as previously created meetings will no longer be usable. If you would like users to retain access to previous meetings you may consider changing their settings to "True, or have an individual with appropriate policy settings, create a replacement meeting.

Additional information about meeting policies are explained here



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Mon 6/1/20 4:16 PM