05/08/2020 - Configuration Change: Office ProPlus access to Microsoft Search


We’re expanding access to Microsoft Search for subscribers of Office ProPlus as part of the Office ProPlus monthly update in June.

You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates one or more people in your organization is using Office ProPlus.

[How this affects your organization]

As part of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Search is on by default for all Microsoft apps that support it. Microsoft Search provides contextual work-related information using data sources in Office 365, including SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Exchange. Bing.com provides your users with access to Microsoft Search directly from their browser address bar. This browser access to work-related search is known as Microsoft Search in Bing.

After this update, when Office ProPlus users are logged in with their organizational account, Microsoft Search in Bing will provide access to organization-specific, contextually-relevant work information such as floor plans, acronyms, and documents as well as information about people in the organization (people cards).

[What you need to do to prepare]

When this change takes effect, when your users have been authenticated with their organizational account, they will be able to use any browser to access Microsoft Search by using Bing.com.

You can set Bing.com as the default search engine for your tenant, providing instant access to Microsoft Search when your users have logged in, or leave this choice to your users.

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If you decide to deploy Microsoft Search in Bing in your organization, see our Microsoft Search in Bing Adoption Kit for resources to help communicate the benefits of this work-related search change to your users. Plan your content to make Microsoft Search more helpful in your organization.



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