How to Change a FOAP

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This will show the user how to change the FOAP for expense lines on the Request and Expense Report. The default FOAP could be changed through the user’s profile under “request information”. But if the request or report is already created prior to that change or if the FOAP that needs to be on the expense line differs, then this method is the correct way to make those changes.

Changing a Request FOAP

On the request side, you will see the default FOAP on the Request header. But it cannot be changed here. This is where it would have had to been changed in the profile prior to creating the request.

  1. Go to the Expenses tab along the top of the Request

  1. Click the little boxes on the left of each expense line you want to change the FOAP for. If you want to change the FOAP for all of them, select all lines.
  2. Click Allocate in the far bottom right of the screen

  1. A new window will appear where the user will be able to change the FOAP, add a new allocation, or change what it is allocated by (percentage amount).
  2. Click Save on the bottom right of the window and receive confirmation of the changes.
  3. You can confirm the changes have been made by hovering over the pie graph icons that are now on your expense lines

Changing an Expense FOAP

As long as the Request is tied to the expense on the expense header or there is a default FOAP on the user’s profile, the FOAP will appear on the Report Header when the report is being set up.

There are two ways to change the FOAP after the header. Either line-by-line or multiple lines at once.



  1. To change the FOAPs line-by-line, click the expense line, then change the FOAP on the Fund, Org, and/or Program fields.
  2. Click Save and the FOAP will be changed for that line


Multiple Lines

  1. To change the FOAPs on multiple lines at once, select each of the expenses you want to change

  1. On the right-hand side, there will be three options (Delete, Allocate, Edit). Click the Edit option.

  1. A new window will appear allowing the user to change the fields of selected expenses. Click the boxes for Fund, Org, Program and change the FOAP there.

  1. Click Save and the changes will be made to all selected expenses.


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