Assigning a Delegate

Approvers are users who will be notified of new travel documents that require approval. Travel Approvers are automatically assigned in Concur based on hierarchy information derived from Banner.

When a request or report requires approval, the approver will receive an email from Concur with a link. The link will bring them to Concur to review the item. Otherwise, the approver can log into Concur through their mySFA under the Resources Tab; accessing Concur through mySFA does not require an additional login.

If an approver wants to assign someone to approve on their behalf, they can do so in Concur by going to Profile in the top right side and selecting Profile Settings. From there, click on Request Delegates or Expense Delegates on the left side of the page. The approver can then Add a delegate or approver on their behalf. There is an option to have the delegate approve indefinitely or for a specified period, as well as the option to receive approval emails. Receiving approval emails will allow the proxy approver to receive email notifications that there are requests or reports to approve. Once the permissions are added, click Save.

Note: If the approver cannot grant access to approve on this screen (the boxes are greyed out), the individual does not have the appropriate access to approve. Please email for assistance.

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