Reviewing Requests and Reports

Reviewing the Request/Report Header

The first section to review is the header which includes all of the information about the trip including trip name, start and end date, trip purpose, booking, traveler and trip type. There is also a section to include personal dates of travel if applicable, room for comments to the next approvers, and the default FOAP and any advances if applicable.

There are options to Save any comments, check Attachments, Send Back Report/Report, or Approve on the top right.

Note: There is an option to Approve & Forward. The purpose of this tool is to forward it to those who are not in the normal workflow. If the individual who needs to look at the report is already in the approval flow, click Approve.

The tabs along the top of the request header allows the approve to view more details of the trip including expenses, travel segments, expense details, and more.


The Segments tab allows travelers to request for bookings for hotel lodging, auto rental, and airfare.

Expense Summary

The Expense Summary tab allows travelers to add expected or estimated travel expenses. Approvers need to review this section to approve the expenses included and review the details of the expense including expense type, mileage, amount, etc. Approvers have the option to make comments on expense lines and change the approved amount to a more appropriate figure if needed.

Simply click on the Expense Item on the left and review the details on the right. If any information is changed or added, click Save.




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