Inactivating a Travel Request

Once a trip is completed, Concur may begin to send you notifications saying "You have 1 travel request pending an expense report" if there is not an expense report made.

  • If you have expenses to be reimbursed or T-Card charges to assign to a report, then create an expense report.
  • If you have already completed a report or do not need an expense report, then you will inactivate the request.
    • NOTE: Requests should only be closed/inactivated once the trip is completed and no reports need to be made.

To inactivate a request:

  1. Log into Concur and go to "requests" at the very top
  2. You will see your active requests - find the open request and select the box to the left of the Request Name
  3. On the far right of the screen, click the "Close/Inactivate Request" button


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