Switching to Another User as a Delegate

If you are a delegate creating a request or report on behalf of another person, you'll need to switch over to them in Concur.

  1. To act as them, log into Concur as normal to get to the home page and locate the "profile" in the top right-hand side.

  1. Click on profile and you will see the "acting as other user" section.

NOTE: If you do not have the "Acting as other user" option in your profile drop-down, you may not be a delegate. Have the traveler add you firs,t then try to switch over. Instructions for adding someone as your delegate can be found in the knowledge base.

  1. Simply type in the traveler's name in the search bar, select them, and click "start session".
  2. You will know you are acting as them when you see the green box in the top right that says "Acting as......".

NOTE: If the traveler you wish to act as is not in your delegate list when you search, you are not assigned as their delegate. The traveler will need to add you as their delegate, then you will need to try again.


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Fri 7/30/21 2:31 PM