Step 3b: Internal Grants: Additional Review Information

To learn more about the requirements for the internal grants, visit:

  1. Travel Support (TS)
    1. Details on type of travel, location, dates, and Project Summary details.
    2. Review to ensure the traveler will have any SFA commitments taken care of while on travel status, that the unit will provide other support as needed.
  2. Project Support (PS)
    1. Details include project description and timeline.
    2. Review to ensure faculty commitments are allowable.
  3. Publication Support (PUB)
    1. Details include type of publication fees and acceptance.
    2. Review to ensure fees and publication type seem appropriate and typical for the academic field.
  4. Research Grant Development (RGD)
    1. Details on summer stipend or course release in fall/spring and justification.
    2. Review to ensure department can provide coverage for the course release. If awarded and a course release was selected, the grant will pay for the employee teaching the course.
  5. Research Pilot Studies (RPS)
    1. Details include project description, methodology, and timeline.
    2. Review to ensure faculty commitments are allowable
  6. Research/Creative Activity (RCA)
    1. Details include:
      1. estimated faculty grant work during the spring semester (to be paid by the department as considered part of the normal faculty workload)
      2. summer faculty salary (if requested – to be paid by the grant)
      3. proposal
    2. Review to ensure faculty commitments are allowable and that project seems feasible for the timeframe
  7. Comprehensive Research Fund (CFR) – for future use

Contact with any questions or concerns.


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