Advising Tab's New Home

Follow the steps below to access content from the Advising tab on the previous version of mySFA.

1. Click on the Registration menu from the mySFA homepage.

Navigation instruction from mySFA to the Registration page.

2. View My Advisor information under Steps to Register.

My Advisor in mySFA

My Advisor and Education Planning (Course Equivalency Guide, Undergraduate Bulletin, Course Catalog, Degree Evaluation (CAPP)) are now on the Registration page.

My Contact Info is now located on the mySFA homepage.  

Navigation instructions to Contact Info on mySFA

Student Training (including Coursera), Study Abroad, College Readiness, and University Policies are located on the Academics page.

1. From the mySFA homepage, click the Academics menu, toggle down, and click Academics -- or feel free to click Academics from the Quick Navigation Menu.

Navigation instructions to Academics page on mySFA

  1. Click on the desired menu option.

mySFA Academics page



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