How can I take a snap shot of part of my computer screen using the Snipping Tool?


How can I take a snap shot of part of my computer screen?



Windows has a tool that every person needs to know about. It is called the Snipping tool.  Almost every picture you see in these knowledge base articles  are probably captured using this tool.  Maybe you want to send just part of a web page in an email.  Just copy and paste it using this tool.  Maybe you want to send just the end results out of an Excel file without the whole spread sheet.  The possibilities are endless.

  1. Click on the windows “Start” button

        Windows 7      Windows 10              


  2. Start typing :snipping tool
  3. You will see the Snipping tool appear at the top of the list. 
  4. Click on it with your mouse 
  5. The sinpinning tool will window will pop up.
  6. Click on the New button
  7. Draw a square around the area you want to select.
  8. When done selecting the area simply let the mouse button go.
  9. Now the area you selected will show up in the Snipping Tool window.
  10. What ever appears in this window is automatiaclly copied
  11. So if you want to paste it in a document or an email just simply right click and paste it.


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