How to send a meeting poll similar to Doodle Poll


How do I use a Forms template to create and send a meeting time poll similar to Doodle Poll?


All faculty, staff and students have access to Microsoft Forms through the mySFA login.  Microsoft Office 365 is the only SFA approved email and meeting scheduling software.  This is because it is proven secure, consistent, and meets legal requirements

Get a Forms Meeting Poll Template 

Microsoft Forms allows you to create simple yet comprehensive surveys, polls, and questionnaires. It is the results and response page that really sets Forms apart from its competitors.  All of the responses are automatically charted and tallied so you can make the most informed decision.

In these instructions we will lean how to send a meeting poll using a template and then see the responses.

  1. Get the template by clicking one of the links on this page or click on the word "Meeting Poll Template" below
    1. Meeting Poll Template
  2. A new window or tab will pop up showing a preview of the meeting poll, like the image below
    1. inactive image of Forms Template
  3. Notice the green "Duplicate it" button at the top, click on it
    1. You may be asked to log in, this will be the same username and password as your MySFA
  4. This opened a new window that will allow you to edit this Forms template
  5. Simply click on the text area you would like to change such as "Enter the meeting title here" and type in your changes (Examples of text you can click on and edit Name of the meeting, question number 1, or the dates of the proposed meeting in question 2)
  6. No need to save as it is automatically saving it instantly to your Office365 account tied to your MySFA.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your changes click on the green "Share" button in the top right corner of the page
  8.  This will slide open a bar to give you some options to send this meeting poll
  9. You have 4 options to send it here but we will only be looking at 1 of those options
    1. Click on the Email button that looks like the envolope: 
      1. This will open a new Outlook email message
      2. Add the recipients and email message as you normally would in an email
      3. Send it
  10. You will get a email response everytime someone fills out your meeting poll
  11. You will have the option to View the results in each of these emails by clicking on a link (The word View in the email)
  12. This will allow you to see a page with all the responses on it like in the image below
    1. inactive image of Response Page Forms Template



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