Inbox No Longer Receiving Email

If you cannot receive emails to your SFA @jacks email account the cause is most likely an email rule that was put in place to automatically delete all incoming emails. This frequently happens when an account has been compromised.  This article will guide you through the process of deleting that rule and returning your email account to normal.


  1. Login to Office 365
    1. There is a link mySFA, “Office 365 Apps”


  1. Click on Outlook App

  2. Select the Settings Icon on the top right toolbar

  3. At the bottom of the side pane that appears when you click on Settings, select “View All Outlook Settings”

  4. Select the Rules Section

  5. Find the rule that needs to be removed. Usually the rule in question will have the text "If a message arrives in my inbox, delete the message and stop processing more rules on this message".

  6. Confirm Delete of the rule

Mail should now be delivered properly.



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Tue 3/17/20 9:29 AM
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