Employee: Android VDI VMware Horizon Client Install

  1. Using the Play Store on your Android, search for "VMware Horizon Client" and download the app.

  1. Choose "Allow" for manage phone calls and access photos, media, and files on your device.


  1. Open the app, select whether to allow notifications, then in the "Server Address" field type view.sfasu.edu and click "Done".

  1. Login with your mySFA credentials.

  1. Choose the Admin VDI Desktop (all employees faculty/staff should choose Admin).


Once logged in, you are presented with a desktop that includes all software that is available from SFASU standard deployment. Any additional software needed will need to be evaluated by ITS before being added and can be requested through a Team Dynamix ticket.


Use the floating Navigation icon to access functionality between the touchpad to an on screen keyboard.

Navigation Icon: opens navigation options below

Gesture Help: scroll to view explanation of all gestures
Touchpad: acts as a touchpad/mouse similar to a laptop
Basic Navigation Keys: arrows, page up/down, home, CTRL
On Screen Keyboard: acts as a computer keyboard
Settings: change touch/mouse/keyboard settings

Disconnect the Session: tap and confirm to disconnect VDI session

Need assistance with the above instructions? Contact the Help Desk at 936.468.4357 or by visiting help.sfasu.edu.


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