Student Employee: Entering Time in TimeClock Plus

  1. Using an internet browser, go to
  2. Click the VMware Horizon HTML Access link.

  1. Login with your mySFA Credentials.

  1. Select the "Public" image to begin the virtual desktop session.

  1. Within the virtual desktop, open an internet browser and navigate to

TimeClock Plus must be accessed from the virtual desktop internet browser.

  1. Login using your mySFA Credentials.
  2. Click on the Student Employee tab, then click the "Enter Time with TimeClock Plus" link and enter your time.

  1. Upon entering time, logout of the virtual desktop session.
    1. Click the windows (start) icon on the virtual desktop.
    2. Click on the account profile icon (the top icon on the left).
    3. Click Sign Out.


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Mon 3/30/20 4:02 PM
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