How to Add Someone as your Delegate in Concur

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In Concur, a user can always add/remove delegates to act for them, but delegates cannot add users to act for.

  1. Log into Concur with your mySFA credentials
  2. Once logged in, go to the Profile drop down on the top right of the home page and click Profile Settings

  1. In your profile, go to Request Delegates on the list at the left hand side


  1. Click on Add and search for your department's travel administrator

  1. When they have been added to the list, grant them access to Prepare reports and requests, view receipts and receive emails (if applicable)

Note: Request and Expense share delegates, so if you add a delegate, they will be added for both the Request side and Expense side

  1. Click the Save button when you are done



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Fri 4/23/21 12:48 PM