How do you handle multiple attendees on one dinner receipt?

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There are several ways to indicate multiple attendees on a dinner receipt.

The names of the attendees can be noted a number of ways:

  • Clearly print the name of each attendee on the receipt
  • List the name of each attendee in the comments for the Expense Report item in Concur
  • Add the name of each attendee in the Expense Report on the meal line below the expense information
    • Attendees can be added on the expense line for group meals or business meals.
    • Use the Favorite Attendees functionality in Concur to quickly access a list of frequent attendees to add to expense reports


Adding Favorite Attendees to your Expense Settings in your Concur profile:
  1. Login to Concur
  2. Navigate to your profile (top right corner)
  3. Click Profile Settings
  4. Click Favorite Attendees under Expense Settings
  5. Use the search bar to find the desired employee, adjust the search parameters as necessary
    • Identifying Field: first/last name, title, attendee type
      • Important Note: last name is the search default field
    • Search Type: begins with, contains, ends with, equals
    • Text Field: enter the name or other information you're searching for
  6. Select the check box next to the desired favorite attendee
  7. Click Save 
    • This can be repeated to include additional favorite attendees


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