How to manage and view a Shifts schedule in Microsoft Teams

Manage and view your team schedule with Shifts in Microsoft Teams. 

View a schedule

  1. To switch between different calendar views:

    • Select Day to make sure there are no conflicts in a shift.

      • Add Day notes to share a message with team members assigned to a specific shift. Choose a day, and then type a message.

    • Select Week to see everyone's hours at a glance.

    • Select Month to view or schedule shifts bimonthly or monthly.

  2. To view your schedule based on shift type, select View > Shift.

    • Select People to see everyone's availability.

    • Select Shifts to make sure you have enough coverage for a shift.

Manage requests

  1. Select Requests to review requests from your team like time off, shift swaps, or offers.

  2. Select a specific request to review and then choose a response.

Clock in and out

  • Select Clock in to let your team clock in and out with a mobile device. 

Share a schedule

  • When you're ready to share updates with your team, select Share with team, and then select Share.


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