Using Calls in Microsoft Teams

Make and review your calls and voicemails and manage your call settings in Microsoft Teams.

Make a call

  1. In Teams, select Calls.

  2. Type a name or number on the dial pad, and select Call when you're ready.

Review and filter your calls

Use History to review all your calls. And select Filter > More options (...) to sort calls by:

  • Outgoing

  • Incoming

  • Missed

  • Voicemail

You can also search and filter calls by name or number in your History.

Play a voicemail

  1. Choose a voicemail to listen to and select Play.

  2. Read a voicemail transcript in the Details pane if one's available.

Manage your speed dial group

Speed dial groups show numbers you can quickly call. 

  1. Under Speed dial, to add a contact, select the three dots (...) > Add a contact to this group.

  2. Type a name, choose someone, and select Add.

  3. Hover over a contact's speed dial card to start an audio or video call.

Manage call notifications

  • If you belong to a call group, select the Call group menu to manage your call notifications.

  • To change your call forwarding, select the Forwarding menu, choose an option, or select More Settings.

  • To manage your audio devices, select the Audio Devices menu, choose an option, or select Device settings.


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