Adobe Software Remediation Feb. 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

(Original release date is December 14, 2021)

Recently Information Technology Services has been working to consolidate the various versions of Adobe software (Acrobat Pro, Creative Cloud, etc.) to our unified campus license.  The majority of the software installations have been identified and converted to the new license but there are several that remain to be converted.

On February 1st, 2022, Adobe software that is not a part of our unified license will be removed from SFA computers.

An SFA employee needing to have Adobe software reinstalled will need to fill out this form and request either Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Creative Cloud to be installed.

Emails announcing the software removal were sent to all SFA faculty and staff on December 22, 2021, January 11, 24 and 30, 2022.

An FAQ regarding the removal and reinstallation of Adobe software is below.


What Adobe software is being uninstalled from SFA computers? 

Our current campus license is for the 2021 release of Adobe titles. All earlier versions of Adobe software will be removed. This includes software that was originally installed via physical media like CD or DVD. 

Why is Adobe software being uninstalled from SFA computers? 

Older versions of Adobe software are no longer supported by Adobe and are no longer being updated and pose a security risk to the systems employed by SFA. 

How will the Adobe software be removed from SFA computers? 

Old and unsupported versions of Adobe products will be removed remotely without physical interaction from a user or technician. 

When will the software be uninstalled from SFA computers? 

The software will be removed on February 1st, 2022. 

How do I know if my Adobe software needs to be reinstalled?

If your Adobe software was installed by ITS from the Fall of 2020 to the present, your software was installed with the new unified license and will not need to be replaced. If your software was installed before that or was installed by a department level technician, your software may need to be reinstalled.  If you have the Adobe Creative Cloud app installed on your computer with the icon below, your software is current and will not need to be reinstalled. If you do not have Adobe Creative Cloud, you will need to have your software reinstalled.

My department had to pay for the software that is going to be uninstalled.  Will my department have to pay to have it reinstalled with the new campus license? 

Your department will not be charged for current Adobe software to be reinstalled on your computer. 

How do I submit a ticket for the software to be reinstalled? 

Fill out this form and a ticket will be created for the current software to be installed to your computer. 

Can I request Adobe software be installed for a student employee?

Yes. However, students cannot submit this ticket.  If you have a student employee that needs access to a license, they must be using a SFA-owned computer to perform their work.  A license will be assigned to the computer they use, not to the student.  Fill out this form and give us the SFA tag number of the computer.


Additional questions should be sent to the Help Desk at 


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