How do I Attach an Email (or other Document) to a Ticket?


How do I attach an email (or other document) to a ticket?


All faculty, staff and students have the ability to attach an email to a service request/ticket.

Save the Email:

  1. Open the email message in its own window.
  2. Click “File.”
  3. Click "Save As." (Please make sure to save it in a location you are able to find again

Upload the email to the Service Catalog:

  1. Go to the Service Catalog.
  2. Search for the service you are requesting.
  3. Click "Request Service."
  4. Click on "Browse" under "Attachment."
  5. Navigate to your saved email.
  6. Once located, click on the file and click "Open."
  7. This will place your email/attachment into the ticket. 
  8. Verify that the fields with red asterisks have been filled out
  9. Click "Request."

If you need further assistance, please contact the Help Desk  at 936-468-1212, or submit a ticket.


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