How to use Zoom to host meetings for video conferencing?


How to use Zoom to host meetings for video conferencing?


All faculty, staff and students have access to Zoom.

*Note: You will need a speaker, camera, and a microphone.  If you are using a phone or tablet  these are built in.  On a PC, Mac, or Laptop you may need to add one or more of these.

  1. First, go to in your favorite internet browser
  2. Next, click on the Host button

You may now receive a prompt for some needed software.  At the bottom of the screen select the “Run” option. 

Please wait as this launches your Zoom install


Once the install finishes a window like below will appear.  This is the meeting window.


Notice in the conference window the smaller window that allows you to choose what type of Audio you want to use.  Either your computer or through a phone.

*Note:  If you accidentally close this window just click on the  in the bottom left and it will pop right back up for you.

Computer Audio

If you choose “Computer Audio” you will need to make sure you have both speakers and a microphone on the device you are using.  Notice the “Test speaker and microphone” circled in the above screen shot, use this to verify you are good to go.

Phone Call
  1. If you choose “Phone Call” then you will need to use either your cell phone or a normal land line.  The 3 phone numbers listed may be long distance from your area.
  2. Also it is a good Idea to mute the microphone on the video device you are using if possible to prevent feedback.
  3. When you call one of these numbers you will be asked to enter the meeting ID followed by the # sign
  4. You will be asked to enter you “Meeting ID” followed by the # ID
  5. Once you are in the meeting click on  option at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window.This will pop a Participants window to the right of the Zoom meeting window.  You will be able to see all those connected and be able to mute them.
  1. Remember to send invites to the people you want to join you on a call
  2. All you need to do is send a link from in your profile.  


If you need further assistance, please contact the Help Desk  at 936-468-1212, or submit a service request.


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