How to save your files to Microsoft OneDrive


How to save your files to Microsft OneDrive


All faculty, staff and students have access to cloud OneDrive through the mySFA login.  The Microsoft Onedrive is the only SFA approved cloud storage.  This is because it is proven secure and consistent.

  1. First log into yourfrom the homepage
  2. Next, click thebutton in the right column
  3. This will open a new  tab in your internet browser Click on theicon
  4. You will have a window similar to below this will be your personal area

  5. Click on theoption
  6. A window will appear with all your computer files
  7. Simply navigate to where you save your documents on your computer or network


  8. Click Open
  9. Of course you can just always drag and drop a file if you know how

    If you need further assistance, please contact the Help Desk  at 936-468-1212, or submit a service request.


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