Student Tech Support

Articles concerning technical support issues for Lumberjack students.

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Articles related to the use of the various wireless (WiFi) networks on the SFA campus

Articles related to the use of mySFA including passwords and email.

Articles covering when course evaluations open & close, how to view results, how students are notified, and more.

Articles on the use of Microsoft Office 365.

Articles (4)

Computer Buying Tips for Lumberjacks

Buying a computer for your time here at SFA can be confusing and challenging. This article will provide you with tips on choosing a computer that will meet your needs and not waste money.

Computer Loan Program for Students

Computers are available to loan to students while their computer is being repaired.

Information for New Students

Helpful technical tips for new Lumberjacks.

WEPA - SFA's Cloud Printing System

Information on the use of the Wēpa cloud based printing system on the SFA campus.