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What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network or (VPN) allows computers or entire networks to connect to each other by securely extending a private network over the Internet. In everyday language, the term VPN is used to refer to the software that allows this to happen by encrypting the connection. SFA’s VPN software is called Global Protect.

You will need to have the Duo Mobile application installed and configured on your smartphone before installing the VPN. Here are the instructions for installing Duo Mobile on your device.

For SFA, the use of the VPN software allows remote access to resources and services that are normally only available from on-campus workstations. This includes sensitive systems such as Banner Admin and WebFocus.

Global Protect Setup for Windows/Mac

  1. Uninstall or otherwise completely remove any previous versions of the VPN software. This includes any version of SFA’s previous VPN software, Junos Pulse.
  2. Navigate to and login using your mySFA  username and password.

**Please note, if you are using Windows 10 S you will need to download the Global Protect agent from the Windows Store**

3. Download the Global Protect Agent that applies to your version of windows (i.e. 32 or 64 bit).

  • Not sure if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows machine?
    • For Windows 10, type “About your PC” in the search bar and click Open. System Type will indicate which type is installed.

  • For Windows 7 & 8, open Control Panel and double-click System. System Type will indicate which type is installed.

4, Once the download is complete. Click Open on the file. Click Next through the prompts, then click Yes to allow changes. Finally, click Close to exit.

5. The global protect app will appear. Type “” for the address portal and click Connect.

6. Log in with your mySFA username and password. 

7. You will receive a Duo notification on your smartphone. Click the approve button to complete the login process.

8. Once logged in you will see the “Connected” icon in your system tray (bar at the bottom of the screen).

Need assistance with the above instructions? Contact the Help Desk at 936.468.4357 or by visiting

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