How to Register Game Consoles, Internet TVs ,etc. to SFA-Wireless

Since video game consoles and smart TVs lack standard browsers, these devices must be registered from a laptop or desktop computer that has one. Instructions for this process are found below:

**Before you begin: Your laptop or desktop computer must already be registered.If you have not yet done so, register it by following the instructions here.

  1. Connect your device to SFA-WIRELESS and enter the password (or network key), which is “golumberjacks” without quotes. Alternatively, if you plan to use a wired connection, disable your wireless connection and plug in your ethernet cable. Your device may inform you that it has a network connection but no internet access. This is normal.
  2. Navigate to the system or network information on your device. The location of this info will vary depending on the device, but you’re looking for a MAC address or Physical Address (they’re the same thing). Make a note of this address.
  3. From a laptop or desktop computer that’s already registered, navigate to the registration page:
  4. Accept the terms and select the option labeled “Video Game Consoles & Devices Without Browsers”, and fill in the required information on the next page, then click “Login”.
  5. If registration was successful, you’ll see a progress bar fill up over 45 seconds. Once it completes, power off the device which you registered, and then power it back on. You should now have internet access on that device.

While a wide variety of devices will work on our network, some do not have a setup process that’s easy to describe. If you can’t seem to get your device registered using these instructions, bring your device (including power cord, remote, and controller where applicable) by the Help Desk on the first floor of the Ralph W. Steen Library, located at the front desk of the big computer lab. We’ll be happy to help you get your device connected and ready to go.

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