Articles related to the use of the various wireless (WiFi) networks on the SFA campus

Articles (6)

How to connect devices to SFA-Wireless

Instructions on how to connect your computer, phone, game console, etc. to the SFA-Wireless network

How to Connect to the SFA-GUEST Wireless Network

If you are a guest at SFA, follow these instructions for connecting your wireless device to our Guest network.

How to Register Game Consoles, Internet TVs ,etc. to SFA-Wireless

How to connect other devices to SFA-Wireless such as game consoles, internet TVs, streaming players, etc.

How to setup a wireless printer on the SFA campus

Instructions for setting up a wireless printer on the SFA-Printers network and configuring your Windows or Mac OS computer to print to it.

Identifying and Removing Rogue Wireless Devices

Learn how to find and disable rogue wireless devices.

Remote Wireless Locations

Wireless locations for Park and Connect and Picnic and Connect.