Adding user permissions to a shared calendar

To Add a Calendar to your "My Calendars"

  • Right Click on "My Calendars"
  • Select "Add Calendar"
  • Select "From Room List..."
  • Search for the Calendar by name
  • Double click on Calendar OR Use the "Rooms ->" button in the lower left hand corner.
  • Select "OK"

To change permissions on a calendar (You must be a Calendar admin)

  • Right-click on the calendar
  • Select “Properties”
  • Select “Permissions” tab


To add a user…

  • In the permissions area you can either select a predefined role and see what permissions that role allows or grant custom permissions for the user.
  • Click “Add…” and search for the user to add them and they assigned permissions to the calendar.

Here is a brief overview of the default roles…

  • None- the person cannot see any information related to your calendar
  • Contributor - the person can put appointments on your calendar but cannot see details of existing appointments
  • Reviewer - the person can read everything related to an appointment (except a private one) and see folders, but not subfolders
  • Non-editing Author - the person can see appointment details, create appointments (but not folders), and delete the appointments they created
  • Author - the person can see appointment details, create appointments, edit appointments they created, and delete appointments they created
  • Publishing Author - the person can do everything an Author can, plus create subfolders
  • Editor - the person can create items, edit all appointments, delete any appointment, and see the full details of all appointments
  • Publishing Editor - the person can do everything an Editor can, plus create subfolders
  • Owner - the person will have the same permissions to your calendar that you have



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