Outlook Web App - Sign In

Access to the Outlook Web App from off campus currently requires the use of SFA's VPN software, and may require navigating directly to https://mymail.sfasu.edu/owa.

The Outlook Web App is used to check your email through a web browser, such as Chrome or Safari. It can be accessed by logging in to mySFA, then clicking the Check Your Email button on the Home tab.

You can also navigate directly to the Outlook Web App using the following address: https://mymail.sfasu.edu/owa

You'll be prompted to sign in once the page loads, which should resemble the image below:

  • PLEASE NOTE that sign in now requires the domain prefix (sfasu.nac\) before your username.
  • ALSO NOTE that this is a back slash, not a forward slash. Most keyboards have the back slash key positioned above the Enter key.

Aside from the domain prefix, you'll sign in using your normal username and password.

If you have any questions, or need assistance accessing the Outlook Web App, please contact the Help Desk at (936) 468-HELP (4357).

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