What is OneNote?


Why should you use OneNote?


All faculty, staff and students have access to OneNote office 365 through mySFA

OneNote is possibly one of the most useful pieces of software ever created.  Imagine being able to take notes in your own handwriting but also being able to add pictures, sound, type, drawings, tables, websites, links, check lists….The possibilities only limited by your imagination.  OneNote can even calculate handwritten mathematical equations. Onenote can be used on any device, anywhere, anytime.

The above screenshot broke down

  • Yes this is all a single OneNote Look at the top at all the pens and colors(the choices are endless)
  • Use of handwriting on touchscreens no special equipment needed
  • Notice the check list
  • The check list points to a map that I pasted in using the snipping tool
  • Then you can draw on the map with a pen
  • Notice the color pallet at the top
  • Did you see the math…it will graph it or solve it  for you
  • Use a Ruler to draw a straight line
  • No loss of your hard work
  • Work with many people on one document at the same time



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