Student: VDI VMware Horizon Client Install

  1. Using an internet browser, go to
  2. You will be asked if you want to install client (purple left arrow) or use HTML Access (light blue right arrow).

HTML Access (recommend for quick access)

  • Fast access into the system (skip to step 5)
  • No access to local USB devices

Horizon Client (recommended for best experience)

  • Horizon Client must be installed on your computer
  • Allows access to local USB devices
  • Works on iOS and Android devices (separate documentation linked)

  1. Choose the Install VMware Horizon Client link.
    1. Select your operating system (Windows and Mac are the most common).
    2. Click the Go to Downloads link.

  1. Select the Agree & Install button.

  1. Click the Finish button.

  1. Click the Restart Now button.

  1. After restart, there will be a "VMware Horizon Client" icon on your desktop. Double click the icon, then click Add Server.

  1. In the "Enter the name of the Connection Server" box, type

  1. Login with your mySFA credentials.

  1. Your faculty will know which is the best VDI image for your class. For the standard VDI image, select the "Public" image.


Once logged in you are presented with a desktop that includes all software that is available from SFASU standard deployment. Any additional software needed will need to be evaluated by ITS before being added and can be requested through a faculty member.

Need assistance with the above instructions? Contact the Help Desk at 936.468.4357 or by visiting


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