Download and Install MLC

NOTE: To complete the process below, you need to first be connected to the VPN. Please click here for more information on connecting to the VPN.

Install the MLC Client

1. Using your browser of choice, navigate to

2. Select the INSTALL MLC NOW (Windows) or INSTALL MLC NOW (Mac)  link.

3. Select Run if necessary.

4. Click Next when prompted. 

5. Select I accept the Agreement and then click Next.

6. Click Next when prompted. 

7. Leave the default settings and select Next.

8.Check the checkbox to Create a desktop shortcut and click Next.

9, Select Install when prompted.

10. Leave the following screen with the default setting and select Finish.

11. You will be prompted to validate that prerequisite software is installed on your machine. Select Repair and Close.


12. After launching the application you will be prompted to select the activation status. Click Activate.

13. Enter the Site Tag that you recieved from ITS Telepone Support and check I agree to accept terms of above agreement. Click Submit.

14. Click Yes, to confirm the updated settings, and then click OK.


15. Enter the extention provided by ITS Telephone support as both the Login ID and the Password, and then click Save and OK.

NOTE: You will now have a status of Online with a green dot. Click the MLC Dialer Image at the top of the program. You will see a softphone that resembles the image below and will be able to make phone calls.

Need assistance with the above instructions? Contact the ITS Telephone Staff at 936.468.6287 or send an email to


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