What to do if you've fell victim to a phishing attack

  • Take a deep breath
    • These phishing schemes are incredibly sophisticated. If you fall for one, it doesn't automatically mean your identity will be stolen. All schemes vary, based on what information was provided to the bad actor, will dictate what you need to do next.
  • Change your passwords
    • If you provided any usernames or passwords to the bad actor, you will need to change your password immediately. Or if you suspect your account could be compromised, change your password immediately and contact the SFA Help Desk or IT Security.
    • This goes for all accounts, SFA and personal.
  • Scan your computer for Viruses
    • If you downloaded any attachments, or clicked on any links, it is a good idea to scan your computer for viruses and malware. There are lots of good tools built into modern computer operating systems. Windows 10 can be scanned with the built in Windows Defender for a preliminary scan. If you think your computer could be infected, contact the SFA Help Desk for further steps.
  • Watch out for signs of Identity Theft
    • If you've revealed any sensitive information like your Social Security Number or Credit Card Number, you need to watch for signs of identity theft. 
    • Keep a close eye on bank accounts and transactions
    • Contact your bank and inform them of the situation
  • Remain Vigilant
    • If these actors got you to reply to one email, they will definitely try again.
    • Stay vigilant of suspicious emails so that you don't provide them with any additional information. The less they know, the better.
    • Do not respond, instead, delete the email. Do not pass the email on to additional users.
  • Contact the SFA Help Desk or IT Security
    • If you notice an email appearing to come from SFA or other entity asking for your personal information, contact the SFA Help Desk or IT Security.
    • If you think someone has been compromised (Sending spam emails, emails asking for money or gift cards, etc.) contact the SFA Help Desk or IT Security immediately.
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