Reported AT&T Tower Issues

It has been brought to the attention of SFA Information Technology Services (ITS) that there have been some intermittent issues with calls and texts on campus. ITS assessed the situation at the University level, noting that only AT&T customers reported an inability to send or receive calls and texts, and determined that the source of the currently reported intermittent issues stem from the AT&T network directly. AT&T advanced repair support personnel confirmed these issues are due to a tower “down”, with an estimated repair completion by 8/27/2022. There are no current issues with SFA wireless/internet or campus telephone services affecting the cellular network. 


 Users who are experiencing phone service disruptions are encouraged to contact their service provider to report the issue directly. SFA ITS will continue to request assistance from AT&T support and track the tower repair progress.


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Thu 8/25/22 9:04 AM
Thu 8/25/22 9:04 AM