Email Archive for ITS Emails

Categories (4)

Phish Alerts

Emails sent to Faculty/Staff/Students about known active phishing campaigns.

Banner and Server Patching

Archive of Banner and Server Patching emails.

Service Outages

Archive of Service Outage emails

Breach Notifications

Emails sent to Faculty and Staff about breach notifications.

Articles (4)

New mySFA Platform Launch

mySFA will be unavailable between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. on June 25th 2024 as we update the mySFA platform.

Proofpoint Email Protection

Explaining SFA's email filtering system and how to interface with it.

Proofpoint Email Protection for Students

SFA Information Technology Services is pleased to announce that we are enhancing security for all SFA student email accounts. Beginning October 26, all incoming emails to students will be routed through Proofpoint Email Protection.

Safe Email Practices and Protecting Against Phishing

Email (Social Media Post) sent to Faculty/Staff/Students about cyberawareness.