Troubleshooting Duo Push notifications issues on Android devices

Duo Push delivery issues are most often resolved by pulling down on the screen (pull-to-refresh) to check for notifications in the Duo Mobile app, as seen below:

If pull-to-refresh works:
The issue is related to Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) push notification service and Duo Mobile registering for pushes correctly. This will often fix itself after you pull-to-refresh.

If you are able to pull-to-refresh successfully but the problem persists, try the following:

  • Update Google Play Services. Sometimes there are issues on the device, like out-of-date play services, that prevent the device from communicating with FCM and receiving push notifications properly.
  • Toggle wi-fi off and back on. This would help resolve an issue with the long-lived connection to the FCM.
  • Clear the Duo Mobile application cache.
    1. Open Settings in Android OS (not in the Duo Mobile app). 
    2. Select Apps and scroll down to select Duo Mobile.
    3. On the App Info page, tap Clear Cache.
  • Check your router's wireless network settings. Your wireless network must allow communication via the following ports to Google's servers:

    • TCP 5228
    • TCP 5229
    • TCP 5230

If you encounter an error labeled "A WiFi or cellular network connection is required" when receiving a Duo Push notification, the issue may be caused by the following:

  • Background data for Duo Mobile is turned off.
  • You have the Android Data Saver feature enabled. Background data for Duo Mobile is turned on, but unrestricted data usage is off.

To resolve this issue, ensure that access to background data is enabled for Duo Mobile. If you are using a data saver program, ensure that it is set to exempt Duo Mobile via the "Unrestricted data usage" toggle. 

On Android, you can generally access these settings by going to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info/All apps > Duo Mobile > Data usage.

Background Data and Unrestricted Data Usage can be enabled or disabled in Duo Mobile

Note that power-saving features such as Battery Optimization and Background Data may interfere with the notification waking your device, even if the notification is delivered successfully.

If pull-to-refresh does not work:

If you attempt to pull-to-refresh a pending authentication with no success, you may see an error message saying there was a problem and to talk to an admin. This likely happened because the keys we use to sign our requests to Duo Mobile have disappeared from your device. This will cause push notification actions and response to transactions in-app to no longer work. However, passcodes generated by Duo Mobile will likely continue to work

To receive pushes again, you will need to reactivate Duo Mobile.

If none of the above steps resolve your issue, and you receive an error message, please gather this message and send it to or along with what happened right before the message appeared, and we'll help troubleshoot.


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